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Monthly Archives: August 2011

I was reading a article about the Game…. And i think he has really grown


Today will be great

getting older is a joy

I am getting older and soooo much bette, I have four adult children and two beautiful grankids. The fact that I’ve learn so much in my crazy life is a great accomplishment to me. But I dont get cocky because there is still so much I dont know, but Im mature enough to admit that. I love learning at this point in my life,I crave knowledge like air or better yet like food lol !!!

Brighter day

Brighter day…live live live

life after th madness

Addiction is powerful and most of us suffer from some sort of an addiction, wether it is food,sex or drugs. I myself have a number of addictions that Im constanly workin on, and its hard to keep it together sometimes. I gt clean frm drugs and discover that Im addicted to most anything that feels good. I didnt know what to do with myself. Soothing my pain and bordom eating and/or spending way more then I should. So I started to putting somethings in motion that I had learned threw out life but more so the things I learned from na, my sponser and several therapist. One thing that made the biggest impact was my sponser and i were together all the time meetings(aa, na), a lot of social events with other recovering addicts and more. But Id always get this really nasty attitude when he would make me interact with other recovering addicts. And when asked why i said I dont like meeting new people, along with several other excuses that were pure b.s.! my sposer simply said “you ever think that your problem is doing what youve always done? Maybe you sholud do th opposite and maybe youll get different results.” Those were the smartest words ever spoken to me. And even though Im far from cured I use that advice when i get lost an think about going into my old behavior!

Thr power of defeat

The power of defeat is only capable of success if u allow it. Dont give in to shoulda, woulda or coulda for this is past events andcan not

Feelings between two

I love being in love with you, when no one else will do I thank God for u all the time. I appreciate everything you do for me its the newest experience I’ve ever known…i can be myself around you my imperfections are obsolete. U are more then my bae u are my bestfriend, my comforter, my sweetest lover. Im thankful for all u do.