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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Took a Long see me

Most of my life I hated myself I felt unworthy of luv and respect, I felt filthy inside and out and no amount of showering ever helped. The molesters and abusive relationships had takin their toll on me, my life and my ability to be a well functioning person. Everything in me was extreme..the hurt, the anger and the confusion was devestating and crippling. It took a long time for me to see my worth because I was blinded by molestation, and abuse for so many years. Hurt and bruised, mistreated so much that it became a way of life for me as well as those that were close to me…I even abused me. It was learned behavior and its sad because only time, pain and support from those who luvd me could change this perpetual motion occuring constanly in my life. I carry many wounds through out body, my face, arms, feet and even my breast carry the permanent tatoos of my battles, but those wounds are nothing compared to the ones on the heart has been riddled with torture from the past… lies, broken promises and the sexual abuse I sufferd as a child. But I am working to make my life better,greater and most of all happier and I wont keep it to myself ether I want to share my expierience with all victims who suffer from any form of abuse and neglect. No one should have to suffer in silence and cry alone only to have nothing change. I open my heart and send prayers for all the victims that sufferd and are suffering right know. God luv them and hold them in ur arms of mercy and unconditional luv, show them their beauty allow them to know its not their fault. Give them strength and a listening ear to hear their cry, in Jesus name I pray Amen and Amen. Katohasspoken