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Is Sex Over Rated

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Sometimes sex can be great and other times it can be a total burden. I personally feel like sex is important in a relationship..not to be used as a tool but to be shared between to people who care and luv one another. I have been in relationships with a person and during down times..a beautiful sexual episode calmed a stressful situation enough that we were able to discuss the matter or matters more calmly and luving. I’ve also experienced a closeness, a divine true luv with a person that was established through  hardship and the fact that in this world all we had was one another..and wen we had sex it was so beautiful and passionate that if I would have died at that moment I could never have been more satisfied internally. But what about relationships with little to no sex how should that be dealt with. When one person is satisfied with masturbation, another partener or just flat out uninterested. What is the starving partner to do? Should they leave, cheat or stay? The feeling of rejection is more powerful then any other emotion in the relationship. I’d like to hear other peoples input on such a delicate subject. But as for me myself I feel like yes sex is overrated in most cases..but when it comes to relationships its a most to luv ur mate and express luv in a variety if ways. And if there is a reason that ur not able to..its time to share the reason with ur mate…and possibly a counseling.


Being in luv

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Being in luv ain’t easy… It takes time, patience and versatility to maintain. Most of my relationships have been strictly lust and some luv…if any. Or I’ve had some that were loaded with luv but loaded down with old baggage from both of our past. As I approach the big 40 years of age, my way of thinking has changed considerably. I luv my mate very much..but sometimes he can make me turn into any movies worst villon. But at the sametime my heart has conflict within itself because I luv him without fault. I say I’m leaving but my feet are planted, I swear I cant stand him but my heart pumps for him…smh. Idk I’m a work in progress and I am still growing as well as changing..for the better that is. I try to not speak out of anger, I work very hard at telling him my feelings without accusing. Whew its a job..and sometimes the   scariest thing is failure or betrayal. Which brings me to another thing I must work on within myself.. I don’t let my mind play games on me, the mind will take u so far from reality that u will be a nervous wreak..just in thought. So I stop the negative thoughts with


better thoughts of making me a better woman, mother and individual.


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ImageI am a luvr of many things…most good…some bad. The good things I luv are my new business that I’m working so very hard on, yet I’m enjoying every minute of it!! The painting, the designing, the planing and even the cleaning of the glass calms everything in me. Other luvs I have is my family, my grandkids are my everything and they bring the best out of me. One more thing I luv is being social and sharing some of my lifes worst and greatest moments with others that may be needing a word of luv and strength to move foward. As for my bad luvs, I can sum them all up in one word INSTANT-GRATIFICATION!!!!!! It took a many years to calm myself , meaning not to jump into everything that feels good, taste good( well actually im still working on this one!) or brings me instant joy. I learned the major hard way that instant satisfaction is almost always over as fast as it starts, and there u are once again in the pain of life and sometimes its even worse!!!

Hello world!

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