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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Love Don’t Hurt

I remember the first punch to my face.. then the second, the third and then a barrage of punches. All by a man who said that he loved me slept with me every night and made love to me everyday.. I had never been hit by a man before. I was almost in shock, the pain was so intense the constant blows to my head the embarrassment was almost detrimental. I remember when he was done hitting me, my body shook all over my tears would not stop falling. In less than 2 hours we were back in bed again making up as he kissed my wounds.. he apologized over and over again. That was the first beating we stayed together for 5 years he beat me the whole 5. I had plenty of opportunities to get away from him but I couldn’t manage to tear myself away. He eventually left me for another woman whom he beat as well if not worse. At the time that I was with him I was so afraid.. I was afraid to even call the police, I was afraid to reveal my secret to family or friends. And even after all of that he was not my last physically abusive relationship. No 1 should ever judge a woman who has suffered from domestic violence. There is a lot of mental control from the abuser. The strongest woman can be made weak through a number of channels meaning heart mind and body. My abuser took my mind first and my body followed and with that he captivated me. I felt like a helpless human being, other times I felt like I deserved the beatings I was a ball of confusion hurt and pain.. but there is help for suffers of domestic violence.. you must remember that you are not alone and your main objective is to love yourself more than you love your abuser. Realizing that you are special, you are important. You must leave no matter what is said the beatings WILL NOT stop. There is a place for you to be safe with your children and also for single women… if you need someone to talk to call
911 or 810238- SAFE..
and always know my inbox welcomes you whenever you need to talk…
Kato Life


Are being abused


1.) He only hits me sometimes

2.) He hits me because I wont shut up

3.) I made him do it

4.) He didn’t mean it

5.) He said he was sorry

6.) He does it cause he luvs me

7.) He’s just frustrated

8.) Maybe I should change

9.) Maybe if I do what he says

10.) It’s my fault

These are red flags…u are being abused. No one deserves to be hit on. And if things aren’t working he should leave not beat on u. Abuse comes in many forms, words, actions and physical. If a person tries to blame u for their faults u are being abused we are all  responsible for are own actions…NO ONE MAKES U DO ANYTHING… If u are suffering from domestic violence please know that u are not alone there is help for u, u need not be a victim anymore CALL
         911 or 810 238-SAFE

Are u hurting

Have u ever been, raped, molested, violated, abused, lied to, judged, condemned, talked about, laughed at, hated on, beat, slapped, spit on,strung out, left, used, called out of ur name, berated, left for dead, abandoned,tried suicide,lost a child to Sids, murder or kidnapping..
Well most of these things on this list I am no stranger to thank u Lord I’m still here standing, teaching and passing the word to each and every individual thats suffering mentally and /or physically…hold on..believe a better day is coming. U are no mistake God is our Father the universe is ours reach for greatness in ur mind know that u are strong inspite…inspire urself to carry on..DON’T GIVE UP..I know it don’t seem like it but things will get a lil easier with each day that u remain on this earth…besides wat would the world be without u…because u are special…U MUST believe that there is a better day

Real Quick

Would you please give it to me from the back..
No chaser, no strap

Just warm lips and tips..

Get all in me daddy…have me today..

And don’t forget to throw that dam condom packed away..


Shit just Got REAL

I don’t give a dam about wat u say or do…
Just give me wat I need and I’ll be loyal to u

Stop playing head games lets be completely adult…
Cause u keep playing around u gonna get messed up..

Nah I’m not no crazy chick…
I’ve been this route before..
I just don’t want to run into any more closed doors..

Wats so bad about wanting laughter, luv and sex
But I’m wrong if I keep screaming …NEXT…


Beauty from Around the World

She is from Kingston, Jamaica..she looks like a black goddess and her accent is as seductive as her convo…DAMN I LUV THE WAY SHE SAYS KATO..LOL
I gotta be so honest I have met some beautiful women around this world online…I gotta get my money up I wanna travel the world and meet beautiful people that live just like we do…BUT NOT


Running my fingers threw my red, curly weave comforts my soul..yeah I’m lyin here still woke..
     Dam this shit gettin old.

Lookin for that sexy,strong, mighty one that can kill it..
In the morning he’ll awake  to bacon and eggs in his skillet..

All I need is one that can handle my insatiable fire..I’m talkin mental.. as well as physical desire..

Love me, and treat me as your beautiful royal Queen..For day and night my mind and body will serve u as my King..

Walk with me.. for eternity… hand
Allowing nothing to depart us… on this great land.
         Kato Life