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Monthly Archives: February 2013

My Body is Ready

My body is starving…wat shall I do
I’ve pleasured her enough…
Now I need u….
Lick it, touch it… go ahead beat it up…
Make it soft and tender to the touch…
U turn me on with ur provocative ways…
Now for u my legs I will raise….
pull it to the side it’s just a thong
Mmmm you feel so good this can’t be wrong..
Ur Lovin is so Gud and so strong..
Gotdam why did I make u wait so long….


She kissed me first

I had issues with gay people once upon a time…I didn’t understand why they couldn’t see the error of their ways. How could they possibly like someone if the same SEX…That is until I fell head over heels in love with the woman my ex boyfriend left me for. We ended up being friends because we had so many things in common the main thing was our love for him..once we came together we could not be separated … I’ve experienced the best sex ever with her.. the passion was hot and our naked bodies couldn’t stay apart. I never seen a pussy so wet and all for me..I tasted her constantly and her me..our tongues explored every single inch of each other…mmmm it was even sweeter with a hard Dick in the middle of us to lick, fuck and suck until our pussies and mouths were content…I truly miss waking up to him and her every morning and through the night… waking up to the sound of her sucking him and him enjoying her… as my body wiggles with desire and he reaches over to touch me… making me fully aware that I am welcome to join in the Hot session that’s already in motion… these were the happiest times I shared with her… a highlight in my life… and just think it all ended because of his jealousy.. she and I was forced to become 1 without him… I still thank him to this very day for my greatest love of all

Threesomes Allowed

I luv both genders…I can’t help myself…I luv to feel a man deep inside of my treasure chest, pounding to no end…with my legs on his strong shoulders. But at the same time I luv the softness of a woman the versatility in her style…she can Dick me or lick me..I’d luv to spend my life with both forever in threesome matrimony

Wine before SEX is best

My beautiful glasses that I luv to create and sale..sipping is better in style…



Strapped Up

yes baby fuck me hard and deep… because when it’s your turn I’m gonna stand u straight up on your feet.. bend you over and spread them juicy ass cheeks… as I pleasure that pussy from the back… every now and then that ass take a slap.. all night that pussy I would tap… yeah baby we’ll switch up with that strap.. each time I stroke that pussy I watched my dick go in.. enjoying the sweet taste of pleasure and sin… like Lil Wayne say.. I’m going in.. that pussy screamin I’m her best friend.. now lay down baby and let me lick that pussy again… you taste so sweet you make me crazy.. I wish I could knock that pussy up and make you have my baby.. slobbin on that pussy uncontrollably… you got my face so wet I can hardly see you taste like the sweetest honey made from a bee.. okay baby now it’s your turn comer and climb on top of me…

Givin it to her

my inner self has always needed reassurance
self doubt was a constant reoccurrence..
my mind had been playd with and manipulated by many others..
until I met you… my beautiful chocolate lover..
and at that moment I realized that for me there was no other..
just the thought of losing you makes my body shudder…
being with you has changed my world u make it brand new and spectacular
when we make love I  lick and suck all over you  like Dracula..
tongue kisses all over that Carmel pussy of yours….that I call mine.. when I’m done that pretty fat clit will brightly shine.. now turn around and let me hit it from behind…that fat wet pussy won’t be hard to find
Strokin that pussy deep and easy.. yeah girl in case you didn’t know you dam sho please me…

Womanly Passion..

dam girl your words penetrate my soul.. a love like this will never grow old.. a passion so hot.. you’re everything I’m not.. you bring the warmth out of me
I love you so much I want the whole world to see… just how beautiful same sex love can be.. to lose you my luv would be a travesty
my mind is soaring… Thinking of the love we share’s you I’m adoring.. passion so wet so hot never boring… your beauty so elegant and adorning I wanna wake up to your beautiful face every morning…