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Monthly Archives: July 2013

My love has gone

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A love so gentle how can this be..
She took my soul and gave it travesty..
I loved her so much where did I go wrong…
Now I sit here listening to sad slow songs.. 
Tryin to rebuild what has been torn down..
My burdens are heavy I’m weighed to the ground..
How can I recuperate and remove this frown…
I don’t want tot stay in this pain and drown…
So decide with no avail to move forward and stay strong..
Besides i gave my heart…
I didn’t do anything wrong!!!Image


my soul expressed through words!!!

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hello everyone I’m really happy to say I completed my book and I’m working on several other books,erotica, poems and thoughts all to share with my people. I love writing because its a safe way to vent and express myself. My addictions and my past pain has followed me most of my life and cause straight misery to me as well as those closes to me. But i found that my writing is my safe place, my salvation, my safe place..I thank God for granting me this pacifying skill. I really want y’all to read my book and feel my spirit in its entirety. I’m proud of this book because its better then the last lol which was a learning experience as well…but this one is my baby..can I count on my families support?? I luv yall I sure hope so..THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

Black to Light Poetry

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Its time for you to place your orders and explore the avenues of my mental pain and the road to feeling better about this life. Learning to move forward and live life on its terms, this book is not my first or the last but its really a open path into my life, and the way things can happen and change everything you thought you knew for sure only to find out that we are not in control of anything. So we must learn how to do and deal with life in a more positive way. A way that will allow us to live through each painful event without falling completely over the edge of danger and or no return. A way that will make us better at who we are and how we love Ok everyone the book is all ready for your viewing..please order..I know you will enjoy it!!