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Monthly Archives: September 2013

He tried to Kill me

I thought he luvd me…….true story

Screaming at the top of my lungs, help me please! As my head gushed blood, I began to hyperventilate, scared to death that my lover would hit me again. But he was concentrating on packing his clothes as quickly as possible as he debated out loud how much money he had. And if it was enough to leave town. I begged him to take me to the hospital which at the time was four minutes away. But he insisted that he must go,he feared going to jail for attacking me with a end table. I sobbed so hard I was blinded by the blood that poured from my head, as well as the tears that drenched my eyes. He left me in this house bleeding profusely with two children sleeping peacefully upstairs not aware that their mother had just been bashed over the head with a two tier wooden end table with glass.  Bleeding from three places on my body, scared and confused my neighbor came to my rescue after my abuser had run away. she heard the commotion and waited in hiding until he left. I remember waking my children with blood dripping from my head onto their little faces. Hurrying them to wake up and get dressed so that we can make our xscape, just incase my abuser came back. My neighbor rushed my children down to her house and had her teenage daughter to watch them as she rushed me to the hospital. I was immediately taken to a room. I was bleeding from the front and back of my head as well as my chest. I wasn’t there long before the police came and question me about the incident. I remember feeling so guilty because I wanted to tell what happened but I felt like I was betraying my abuser by telling what he had done to me. Just think I loved this man so much that he tried to kill me and I still was worried about him getting in trouble..smh..sick ain’t it? But with a little coaxing from my neighbor, friends and family I went ahead and told the police exactly what happened. After I told the police the truth about what happened I broke down I began to sob. Screaming it wasn’t his fault he was abused as a child he didn’t mean to do this to me. Shortly after he was arrested and he was looking at attempted murder. I ended up not going to court I would not participate with the courts and so he was eventually let go. He was released and people were astonished that the state didn’t pick it up.  But at the time I was happy that he was not incarcerated anymore and I let him back into my life. Of course there was more abuse before we finally went our separate ways.This story is really just to be shared with you to let you know that when women are involved in domestic abuse it’s very mental and we are very weak to our abuser. We have been broken down shaped and molded into exactly what they want us to be. Please don’t ever judge, condemn or abandon a person that is being abused and show signs of never leaving. Leaving is the hardest thing to do because of fear, finances, or where will I go, among other terrifying thoughts and reasons. I thank God that I’m no longer being beat on and mentality abused. But I can’t give up on those that still are.
There is help for you if your a victim my inbox is always open as well as these people ..
810238-SAFE ~810238-SAFE