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Jessica Hesitates with Ronnie

Just as the conversation was getting a little more intimate between the two, Ronnie’s cell phone began to ring he answered it..but hesitantly. It appeared to Jessica that the call was quite important because his demeanor went from calm to very serious. And when Ronnie hung up the phone he told Jessica how great it was talking to her but he had to go, duty calls, he cheerfully stated. So he wrote his number down on a piece of paper, sled it to Jessica and asked her could he drop off somewhere. Jessica was kind of embarrassed about where she stayed, and wasn’t sure if she was comfortable with him seeing where she lived. Jessica was a country girl remember? She lived in a little rickety house, with a barn out in the field. Plenty of animals pigs  horses, Ducks, name it, it was out there in the field. Jessica always did love the farm but she  wasn’t sure how Ronnie you would feel if he seen it maybe he’d turn and run for the hills far as she sweetly she declined the ride


About Shadowluvr2

hey there I am happy to say I am a published author I have a new book out called Black to Light Poetry it's a book based on recovery, bisexuality, love and so much more I have four great-grandchildren, four adult children and I'm just here to live my life. in a more positive way than I used to lol it's time to take better care of ourselves these days..Welcome all!! If you like poetry order my book now I think you'll enjoy

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