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Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Great Life

Well I’m happy to say that I got a lot of business accomplish today. I worked all night on my Bubblews page and all day today I’ve been working on my book, the promos and sales. I’m very excited because I see great things coming to me. I see a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel and I’m not talking death either. I just feel in my heart like something grand is about to happen and I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the moment I’m not going to look ahead and I’m not going to look behind me I’m just going to enjoy where I’m at right now.



Great Raw Poetry..get it

Turning adversities in helpful stepping stones..
Buy the book..please support a starving artist today. I’m excited for you to read the book I know you’ll love it.. small book with the mighty message
Black to Light Poetry



I’m Surgical with this

Sometimes I read my old material and I’m like wow that’s really amazing Kato…I’ve always wrote, I entered my first writing contest when I was 9 or 10 years old. I remember I didn’t win but I did when a complimentary invisible pen. Writing is a part of me, I believe I was born with it. I write a lot of things on the internet for free no money at all. And I think to myself, maybe I should get paid for these particular works.But the words are forever building up inside of me… I can flow constantly and never run out of ways to construct thoughts into words of knowledge, beauty and power..I am a Poetress

I need a promoter..ASAP

If there is some way that I could get a hundred people to buy my book I believe that my success was  supersede anything I ever imagined. The fact is that I don’t really know how to promote, I don’t know how to market that good ether. And its holding me back I think its just a basic lack of knowledge. Sometimes I get really frustrated because I’ve done so much research and reading yet I’m lost. I’m in Author of a book, a book that is written in poems, based on lifes adversities, and how we can recover and continue on into in a more positive light in life. How many people need to hear this message how many addicts and rape victims and abused children that have grown up to be adults that are still being abused how many people need this message? So manypeople need this info because I did and I just know that my book was a great thing to write about but nobody knows about it because I don’t know the proper way to promote it. Any ideas Bubblers???
Pic by and of: Katohasspoken

Black Power…

I am sitting here watching Free Angela its the documentary of Angela Davis.. I am so touched by her as a strong, black, dedicated, very intelligent woman and not only that but the way that the black community came together as well as white America. I am sitting here in disbelief because do you know that I never heard of her in school before. I’ve heard the name Angela Davis but never knew the story behind her and that is a very sad, sad thing to have to acknowledge right now. And just think back in my day when Feb. came around we had Black History Month where we’d study a few black leaders..but after that no more lessons on our black history. So if we didn’t hear about Angela Davis in our school days Lord help us cause I know our kids don’t hear about enough of our great black people. I guess we have to teach our children ourselves about their history and the people who fought so hard for us there is more to the names then Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and the names that we here all the time. We got to go deeper with our children as well as ourselves. What a beautiful intelligent committed woman. I’m glad she was freed..

I need it

Ok now.. I’ve been thinking about what I want to change in my life. I want to commit myself to someone special. Then I ask what kind of person should I commit to? I look deep into myself and ask what is it that you like? Personally I like a person that can make me laugh, a person that doesn’t lie, a person that is spiritual, a person thats firm but sensitive  is sweet but not a pushover or weak. I want somebody that adores me and I adore them. I want someone that doesn’t mine long walks in the park or a swim every now and then at the beach. That doesn’t sound too bad does it?
Pic by: katohasspoken


Reality Bites

Reality is very honest no family member, spouse or friend will or can be more honest. So no matter how much you love someone when they show you who they are you must believe.. because it’s the real truth. Its reality.. you can throw up red flags you can lie to yourself but deep inside your know the truth. And that goes for us all me included!!! I am feeling some kind way because reality has been visiting me a lot lately..and because of this reality.. I’m mostly alone. People try to be nice and appear to be so loyal but a lot of times deep down they full of it..they love you until you asked for something, or need a lil assistance. Ain’t that a blip personally myself whenever I ask for something I always pay my way weather its gas money or returning the favor. I never asked for something and gave nothing.. But its all good cause as long as God with me.. I’m never alone and he will carry me threw all storms.