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Female President Needed

Okay I got a question when are we going to get a female president I am tired of the men. I mean don’t get me wrong because I’m really excited about our black president I love Barack Obama but I think it’s time for us to get a woman in office. I bet you she can do a great job, I don’t know I think that Hillary would have made a really good president. She’s such a strong intelligent woman I think she gets bashed a lot because she is so strong, but hey strength is what works in this world. I hear only the strong will survive and I’m 41 years old I am subject to truly believe that.


About Shadowluvr2

hey there I am happy to say I am a published author I have a new book out called Black to Light Poetry it's a book based on recovery, bisexuality, love and so much more I have four great-grandchildren, four adult children and I'm just here to live my life. in a more positive way than I used to lol it's time to take better care of ourselves these days..Welcome all!! If you like poetry order my book now I think you'll enjoy

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