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A Funny Story

okay I got a story for you it’s kind of funny if you’re the one looking at it.. but not if you’re the one that it happened to. One time my daughter and I were walking down the street it was a nice hot sunny day we had our hair done, our nails done and are cute outfits not to mention our sandals were just too cute. So we were walking down the street and some guys were hooping and hollering and yelling at us. So I’m looking around like what do they want and my daughter says mom they’re flirting with us. So I turned around to look back at the guys and in the meantime I’m still walking just as sexy as I thought I was. And I’m turned around just smiling away.. I got so caught up with the guys yelling at us and I felt like I was really looking good I didn’t notice the crack in the cement ahead of me and I tripped. I kicked that cement so hard that I not only almost fell really bad but I also snapped my sandals and they broke. I’m the one that almost fell but my daughter was more embarrassed then I was.


About Shadowluvr2

hey there I am happy to say I am a published author I have a new book out called Black to Light Poetry it's a book based on recovery, bisexuality, love and so much more I have four great-grandchildren, four adult children and I'm just here to live my life. in a more positive way than I used to lol it's time to take better care of ourselves these days..Welcome all!! If you like poetry order my book now I think you'll enjoy

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