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Reality Bites

Reality is very honest no family member, spouse or friend will or can be more honest. So no matter how much you love someone when they show you who they are you must believe.. because it’s the real truth. Its reality.. you can throw up red flags you can lie to yourself but deep inside your know the truth. And that goes for us all me included!!! I am feeling some kind way because reality has been visiting me a lot lately..and because of this reality.. I’m mostly alone. People try to be nice and appear to be so loyal but a lot of times deep down they full of it..they love you until you asked for something, or need a lil assistance. Ain’t that a blip personally myself whenever I ask for something I always pay my way weather its gas money or returning the favor. I never asked for something and gave nothing.. But its all good cause as long as God with me.. I’m never alone and he will carry me threw all storms.


About Shadowluvr2

hey there I am happy to say I am a published author I have a new book out called Black to Light Poetry it's a book based on recovery, bisexuality, love and so much more I have four great-grandchildren, four adult children and I'm just here to live my life. in a more positive way than I used to lol it's time to take better care of ourselves these days..Welcome all!! If you like poetry order my book now I think you'll enjoy

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