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Monthly Archives: March 2014

My New Investor

I thought I needed a sponsor or a investor but…Right now I believe I’m gonna be all good, because I got my true customers buying and those that weren’t sure are coming around..and I Love and appreciate all of y’all. God invested in me long time ago cause he been blessing my business so much and I thank him with all that is within me.. I won’t give up I will continue to move forward and providing great reading material for my customers giving them what they want hopefully one day my books can be turned into movies. Then I’ll be looking back on this very moment thinking wow how far I made it..but for right now I’m just happy to be where I never thought I’d be and that’s right here in authorville the proud  author of two books.


Make up Disasters

I see so many beautiful women..that are covered with tons of make it don’t take that much. My ladies always remember when it comes to make up less is always more. Small dabs of foundation, light pats of powder,calm down on the blush and the eyebrows? I wouldn’t draw them unless I knew exactly what I was doing because it doesn’t  look right its so unnatural. And in some cases it takes away all your beauty instead of giving it. From here on out when you do your makeup take a picture of it and look at it yourself or ask a friend that will be completely honest with you how does your makeup look because I’m seeing this a lot and I feel really bad for the women that look like this because I know people laughing at them behind their back.

Second Shot at Love

When I finally find the love of my life it will be a person that will love me strictly for me they will not see race, finances or anything not even gender they will only see my beauty shining like a light. and in return they will be happy they won’t suffer the consequence for trusting me they will only suffer from severe cuddling kissing hugging and laughing. I will be so respectful and humbled by my love if I ever am blessed to find another. In my younger days I had many loves but I was much to young to appreciate them. But I have learned to appreciate a beautiful heart. I didn’t know how to appreciate things like I do now.. because I know now that love doesn’t come easy.

Be the real you

Tiptoeing through your secrets in life, abandoning the reality of the ways that you truly feel inside. Allowing society to determine your happiness, being ashamed of who you truly are if you live this way you will never be truly happy. I don’t care what it is that you are or what it is that you do. You cannot live a productive life if you’re living a lie. You must be true to yourself as well as others they deserve the truth but more than anything you deserve to be true to who you really are. And whoever can’t accept it then they should be moved away from you and out of your life because you are here for a purpose And you can’t achieve your true purpose if you’re living in someone else’s shoes.

The True Purpose

The life that I’m living now is filled with joy and happiness. On my bad days I just have to find the best way to make things better. Cause sometimes in life we don’t know why, where or when the storm will be over but whatever you do you must stay motivated and maintain a certain degree of positivity or things won’t work out period. And I’ve been in the trenches of life before and its hard as heck to overcome these times, this is when true friends are most needed and sometimes people will truly show you what they really think of you at your most desperate times. And that’s all good because we all have to learn who our true soldiers are and once you know better you must do better. In my life I have had some truly great people that I’ve encountered. Loving people that only had my best interest at heart and my selfishness ran them away. Then I’ve had people that were Satan themselves and planned from the beginning to harm or destroy me. And even in the end I was hurt but God spared me, the same way he spared me from drugs and that deadly way of living. I will leave you with these words that come from my soul and experience’s.. The love that I hold inside is always shared, but I hold a certain amount for me and only me. God has given us the gift to live and enjoy life. We must be thankful you only get one shot at life, after that it’s over… all over. Unless you believe in reincarnation and in that case what if you came back as a cow or a fly oh that would be the worst wouldn’t it? So live your life with great ambition’s and plans that hold your interest and great promise. Thank God daily for all he has done for you, because you are a blessing. Be happy about the things that brought you to a greater point in your life. Don’t ever give up on your dreams, success may only be a second away so don’t give in. We are great creations put on this earth to reproduce and bring love and beauty to the earth not this ugliness that we’ve been seeing, murder, rape, crime, lies and deceit. Hold your head up, give as much love as you can and never shy away from your dreams and goals.

Hot Off The Press

Welcome to the book with no rules only erotic, raw tantalizing poems and cyphers coming straight from my heart and soul. Speaking from the honesty that flows from within me, these poems will explore all types of emotions and curiosities like sexual exploration, love, desires and more. I spill my heart on these pages revealing all the things that a true Black Diva lives and survives through..aint nothing out here easy…enjoy!


Standing Happily on my Own

For much of my life I have lived as a victim. I have been abused, mentally and physically. I’ve been a domestic violence victim I have been mistreated, betrayed basically the same things a lot of us have suffered through. But at this point in my life deep in my heart I feel like I have zero tolerance for any bull. I do not play games with people and I don’t allow them to play games with me either. I am a very happy person, but I don’t like to be used or mistreated and I will not allow that for myself. I decided a few years ago to take a stand and mean what I say and say what I mean and even though I will bend, I will not fold. I will not allow anyone to step into my circle of love, serenity and happiness and bring darkness evil and betrayal. This is my life and I’m owning it!! Katohasspoken
Pic by: Katohasspoken