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Soaking Up Happiness

Sitting here feeling beautiful looking at myself in the mirror and thanking God for creating me. I am wonderful, not feeling conceited  just feeling happy, loving being in this moment of my life the moment where rain isn’t sadness, pain isn’t welcome heartache is assassinated it will not be tolerated. Disrespect unheard of..only glory, greatness, beauty, smiles and happiness. I’m speaking louder than thunder without a word being spoken from my lips, only my eyes dance as I look around and I accept things for the way that they are.. no complaining just living life on its terms.
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About Shadowluvr2

hey there I am happy to say I am a published author I have a new book out called Black to Light Poetry it's a book based on recovery, bisexuality, love and so much more I have four great-grandchildren, four adult children and I'm just here to live my life. in a more positive way than I used to lol it's time to take better care of ourselves these days..Welcome all!! If you like poetry order my book now I think you'll enjoy

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    The truth in the light will stand the test of time, but, the darkness that which lay with-in will some-how remain dormant… – Gary Fields

  2. Truth stands’ the test of the light every-times’… – Gary Fields


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