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Karolyn Huddleston

Check me out in my books include Inspiring Poetry, Erotica Poetry and Short Erotic Tales that will make you melt or stand at attention!!!!!
Karolyn Kato Huddleston
Get loose wit me!!!!!


Don’t Judge…Cause

Don’t judge others…you don’t know their story. Plus what does it benefit you to hate on them? That little bit of gratification will be gone within seconds and you’ll be right back where you started. So instead of talking about somebody else talk about what you can do to make yourself better or help another that’s how we become great.

Customer Service

I’ve decided to run a new ad for my book it will be a $25 for three books instead of paying for each book at $10 a piece.  I will be doing a special where the books are sold for $25 you get three books that includes shipping and handling everything all you do is pay up front and in two weeks you will have your books. I think that’s a pretty good idea what do you think? I want my customers to be happy I want them to feel like they got a good deal and a good piece of merchandise. And if anybody’s ever unhappy I always want to know my inbox, phone number and email address is always available and open to all.
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Mental Strength..takes Work

Walking on hot coals and not being burned is totally mental. Just like living on this earth can be quite painful and chaotic. What a comparison? I know..but we must live and we must look our problems dead in the face and challenge them. Using our minds and hearts to get rid of the symptoms, anger, hurt, past events etc. We can’t allow ourselves to continually be victims we must fight to become survivors in order to help other victims become survivors. Never let anything get you down to the point where you give up. There’s always a second chance in life and you deserve it so go get it.. stop holding back…stop looking behind you only  work towards greatness, love and the destiny that you hold in your very own hands.

Maturity Level Up

My Bio

Right now I have three books that are on the market for sale on and as well as I sell hand to hand. Two of the books are poetry based, one with inspirational poems and poems of love by a woman still learning her sexual preference. The other poetry book contains erotic poems that highlight bi sexuality and fantastic sexual fantasies including cyphers and off the top of the head rough, raw poems. My most current book is a book of erotic tales 2 stories in one book with a bonus tale at the end. . I enjoyed putting these books together, these books are very true to my life… and now I’m ready to do another one based on addiction, recovery and learning to live drug free.
Pic by: Katohasspoken

Sexual Desire..Beware

Hot and thrilling at the same time, love, lust and experimenting with different sexual fantasies will prove fatal to each short tale in this book. Three hot couples with a vivid outlook on sex will learn that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Are you ready????