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Abuse is…


Physical abuse is being hit slapped, pushed, pinched, spit on, shoved, wrestled and punched. physical abuse is being degraded, talked about, name calling, being blamed for your abusers problems and issues, etc Physical or mental abuse is just as bad as the other. But the thing about mental abuse is that it takes so much longer to even begin to heal the wounds of the heart as well as the mind.. abuse is a lot of things.. but one thing it is not… is love!
This use to be my woman deserves this treatment especially from the person who we trust and luvd so much…
YOU NEED HELP…CALL 911 or 810238-safe


Do you need help

Would you like to write a book about your life, help topics, poetry,etc? For a small fee I can sit down with you and help you get your book started and also be available for future help!! Let me help you make your dream come true..


Dark Erotic Sessions…Characters

LaNeesha Taylor is one of the characters in my book..I luv her to death because of her strengths and the fact that sexually…she’s not afraid to try new things. An older woman, but very BookCoverPreview (5)successful and sexy she gives her young lover Jamal a real run for his money!!!! They enjoy one another equally… They’re something like Bonnie and Clyde but on the sex tip… there’s nothing these two won’t do together. So any third-party better beware….
there’s no telling what these two will do NEXT
Available on; Karolyn Huddleston

Death vs Life

I remember a time when I only lived to die.. I had no fear inside. At that point in my life to kill me would have satisfied me.. I would have been relieved of all my demons. What a sad way to exist in life.. so many people feel just that way if not worse. My heart goes out to them and many many special prayers for their peace of mind to be granted to them. Be careful pointing the finger at other people because you never know what a person has been through and if you haven’t walked at least a mile in their shoes you’re oblivious to all that they’re going through.. understand?

My body is satisfied…only because my mind was fulfilled first….



Have you smiled today? If not you should because you are great even if you don’t feel it, if your day is groggy and it seems like it’s raining on your parade pay no attention to it.. you are better than you think and greater than you’ll ever know! Keep pushing forward, strive for the best, always believe in yourself. I just feel like I have the need to say that because there’s someone out there that needs to hear it. I know some days I do, and when I do hear it.. it builds me right back up. So whatever you do keep your head held high and never give up and know that you are great and thank God for being here. You are no mistake!!
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Kato lives today

Living for more then just the moment…
My eyes see much farther then most. I live in a world that doesn’t include very many. And that is ok. Because being with self has learned me a lot. Never giving up one others….just not settling for less today. Life is only as sweet as you make it. God be my foundation help me succeed and prosper. Because all I do…I do with a loving heart