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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Beauty left the beast!!!

Beauty left the beast!!!
The newness of my lifestyle is exhilarating and needed. People can bask in my past if they want…it doesn’t embarrass me because I’m not perfect. My past is my foundation and it helps keep my present steady. My past mistakes and addictions are what keep me from falling when the heavy winds and storms of life come into my path. I had a hell of a road to travel…most times alone…other times with people just as sick as I was. But at the end of the day I am clean and sober from the devils treats and with God and the love of myself and my people I will remain sober from the beast. GUD MORNING WORLD…Katohasspoken


Beauty of the ugly truth

The earth shook when the truth was spoken…my life changed in an instant…the vision of luv became so distant. Sight…regained…knowledge retained..lucky I’m still some what sane..but the ugly truth still remained.
           REALITY SUCKS…

Single and waiting


Crazy is the feelings that comes with loneliness. And yes we’ve heard all the cliche sayings before.. but in actuality when God put us here he never meant for us to be alone hence Adam and Eve. We must be careful in our decision making when we are single and waiting on that right person. Sometimes we make snap decisions out of desperation and loneliness. Or we make decisions based on lust…ether way it’s a lesson learned in our lives even though it may bring pain. But in the mean time we must move forward and live…not exist I said live, also in spite of our mistakes we must know our self worth. We are flawed…yet we are diamonds…luv u first and everything else will fall into place.


I’m Different

Gentleness has taken over my every cell…I no longer feel the roughness and anger that I felt in my youth. Today I prefer beauty, passion, love and long talks that may include laughter, tears and hugs and a comfort level that is immeasurable between hearts that have united.