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3 is not a crowd

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Freaky Story #1

3 is not a Crowd

I loved feeling the sting of his punishment. Whenever he penetrated my hot pussy it felt better than any drug I’d ever consumed. Jamal always gave me a hundred percent when it came to the nine inch King. I loved everything about this man except the fact that he was a total womanizer. But no matter how I tried I couldn’t resist his black sexy ass. He would stimulate me with his sexy tone, the smell of his cologne, great conversation and his willingness to listen to my words as if they really mattered to him. And all of that drove me insane, and put my body into a full sexual swing. Every time he’d make love to me he’d set my soul on fire, then disappear like a pussy thief in the night. And each time I’d vow to myself and God to never sleep with him again. But he knew me. He knew me like a book… or should I say pornographic magazine. Whenever he would come over my body would tingle, and my pussy would throb and get so wet. I just couldn’t resist him. And just the fact that he was so good at everything he did to me made him irresistible.

Oh my… I’m sorry. I’m so caught up in my thoughts that I forgot to be a lady and introduce myself. Hello my name is LaNeesha Taylor. Most people call me Neesha.  I’m a female entrepreneur, I run and own my very own strip club. I love women just as much as I love men, so my club is unisex and that’s unheard of here in Flint. It’s a great and very profitable business, it’s also how I met Jamal. Long story short. I hired him because as a male exotic dancer he had all the right moves and was very handsome. Jamal was so dark and muscular. He stood about 6’2 and his face was dark and smooth. Each line so defined as if a sculptress had chiseled him to her perfection. His eyes were slanted and the dark black pupils looked like midnight. I loved the way he’d penetrate my soul whenever we made eye contact. And when he spoke his voice was deep and smooth. His body was very muscular and screamed strength.

And when he danced on  that stage… he was hypnotizing and the women loved every minute of his show. What a profitable decision for me and my body.

Jamal and I have been lovers since I hired him. We are both super freaky and threesomes had become the main goal on our sexual agenda list.

We love any and everything sexual. Nothing is to nasty or taboo. We wanted it all! So when Jamal started internet searching for a woman to include in our threesome I was more then willing. A threesome is something I’ve always wanted and I knew it would be great with Jamal. He is such a great lover and I know another woman would go great in the middle of us. Jamal and I always fantasized and talked a lot about having a threesome. But this time he was actually putting things into action. And I wont lie, I was ready for the freakishness that came with it. Jamal said he would make it happen just be ready..cause he was gonna surprise me with it!! Oh shit, he didn’t have a clue how ready I was. I was to geeked.

wpid-31izv3biz8l._aa160_.jpgSo not long after our threesome talk,  I’m home chilling on one of my few days off and there’s  a soft knock at the door. I opened the door and to my surprise there stood Jamal looking tasty as hell with a devilish grin on his face. “What is it”, I chuckled. He  moved over and there stood a very sexy female. She was thick and curvaceous. And her tits were bulging damn near out of her tight black dress. She was about 5’1with heels and her ass was shaped like a perfect peach. Her face was beautiful, and her hair was jet black and flowing down her back. I was not disappointed at all.

Excerpt from my book titled ; Dark Erotic Sessions

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