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Enjoy something new

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Please Order… (Sample Read)

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Shadowluvr2's Blog

Freaky Story #3
Sweetest Taboo
Her head was leaking blood from the bullet hole that she had been left with. LaChelle lie in the doorway of her home and wondered to herself how she ended up here. As LaChelle lay there dying, her life flashed before her eyes almost like freeze frames from an old school camera. Her breathing became shallow and her mind stopped on one particular scene in her life. One that wasn’t that bad to reminisce on. The day she fell in love with her husband, the day when her whole life as she knew it changed. In the distance LaChelle could hear the faint sound of the sirens that were headed her way. At this point LaChelle was numb. Not only from the bullet lodged in her head but from the hurt and betrayal that had just consumed her world…

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Gud Mornin

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Creating your own sunshine is a must sometimes in the midst of our storms. Sadness can be so overwhelming for one to deal with. But if you just hold on and believe for a better day it will come. In your darkest moments there will still be that small flicker of light. Grab it,  nurture it and it will shine bright like the diamond you truly are.
Gud Mornin my luvs…


The Deeper Side of Me

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Sitting here Chilling at 5:35a.m. getting my head right.. Focusing on my poetry more.  I luv writing short erotica stories.But my greatest passion is my poetry…nah it don’t rhythm and I start at Z and end at A.  I’m all over the place… But at the end of the day I give you my heart and soul. My secrets,  my greatest loves and my biggest failures. My most humbling experiences and my daily battles with my addictions, my lover or lack there of. Ether way I’m always going to bring you the realest shit that resides inside of Kato.