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3 Free Gifts just for u

Hey all my luvs gud morning and how y’all be? This will be the last day for the 3 gift promotion..STOP and ORDER NOW!!! A $10.00 purchase gets you some beautifully written poems and 3 FREE gifts. So place your order today to get three free!!!!
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Can I Serve You

Hello y’all I’m continuously working towards making any purchase of my book more convenient for you. I will no longer be directing you to order online if you’d like to order you can place your orders with me. Shipping/handling will be free I also accept credit and  as soon as payment is confirmed your book will be sent immediately.

The Starving Artist

I’ve been looking for someone for the last few years to invest in my business. I have tried to manage it myself but money is such an obstacle. I am a writer with no laptop, and it drives me totally insane. I don’t like using other peoples laptop it’s so inconvenient because sometimes when I’m inspired maybe I’m not around their laptop. I work a job everyday but I never have enough money to do anything outside of pay my bills. And even though I will file  taxes I don’t get that much back. Once I pay my bills, I’m pretty much broke. I’ve written a book but I feel like it’s not the best that it could’ve been due to the fact that I don’t have my own computer or laptop. If I had my own laptop I’d write constantly. I love writing I love sharing the things that are in my head, sharing inspirational stories.  Not only do I sometimes inspire and motivate but it also is like a release for me. Maybe if I just continue to push forward and work hard maybe, hopefully soon I will have my own laptop.

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Black to Light Poetry by Karolyn Huddleston