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I’m Hungry for I write

I’m glad to be the woman I am..I wouldn’t change it for the world..40 and still going strong i abandoned the drugs and self hate now all i do is write and luv my family all five of my adult children and my beautiful grand babies…lookin for Mr or Mrs Right…and i know it wont be long………………. I wrote and published my first book its called  Where Luv @ by yours truly Karolyn Kato Huddleston my wordpress name is Shadaowluvr2 cause nobody really knows me and it’s all good cause when things finally break through for me its going to be great…I’m ready for great things…..KATO

wishing on a star…


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  1. Good positive attitude. Losing the useless drugs was a great move. Learning to love and respect yourself is an even greater one that will bring many rewards and open doors.

    Congrats on your book! Finishing a book and publishing it is a major achievement. You should be proud! Aiming to achieve an even higher success is what will set you above the rest!

    Stay strong!


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