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My Greatest Coach

Life was my greatest coach..
It taught me well..
It taught me how to handle defeat and keep my head high and to never give up
It also showed me how to be a humble winner and teach and support my teammates..


The Marriage

So they both thought about it and decided they need to have a nice long talk about where would they live would Jessica feel comfortable moving to the city, or what about Ronnie. Would he adjust to country life after living in the city for so long. Jessica told Ronnie that she had no problem moving to the city with him but she knew that she would miss her country life she loved her animals the horses, pigs, chickens..just the country life itself.  She would miss them all very much. But if it was a choice between the farm and the man that she loved she’d have to pick the man she loved. Ronnie smiled because he was pleased with her decision to come with him. They made love all night until they both went to sleep holding one another tight and lovingly.

Ronnie and Jessica pt.7

as they hung out at Applebees enjoying one anothers conversation. Ronnie leaned over and kissed Jessica their kiss was almost as if they had known each other for years even though it hadn’t even been a week. Once the kiss was over, the two knew that this was meant to be. Jessica became much more relaxed and she just laid her head on Ronnie’s shoulder. Her Ronnie talked for hours sitting right at Applebees while drinking margaritas.  After about two to three drinks a piece they both were quiet inebriated. So they left and went to Ronnie’s from the moment they pulled up Jessica was really amazed how beautiful his house was. Everything there was black or glass it was definitely a bachelors pad. Elegant yet manly, the two sit back and relaxed on the couch looking into one another’s eyes talking about there desires and needs.  Getting to know each other on a better much more deeper level.

Jessica and Ronnie pt 4

Now Ronnie was kinda what you called a ladies man he had a great job,, plenty of money and a beautiful car you name it he had it. Working was  basically the only thing he knew. He learned it honestly from his father who he inherited his business sense and money from. It was nothing to him to be chased by women, beautiful women even women with money but he was tired of it and he was looking for something new something different something refreshing and Jessica would be the perfect one.  He thought about her the whole day he was at work and even when he went home to relax. He couldn’t help but to think about her beautiful face, her innocent  eyes and her soft voice. She had to be his Queen, he said to himself

Jessica And Ronnie part 2

So Ronnie approached Jessica quickly but still with class and style. He was just about to ask her how her day was going when she turned around and said hi, how are you? A little shocked but liking it, he said, I’m fine and how are you on such a beautiful day? Jessica answer just as sweet as she looked. They struck up a great conversation and decided to go to the nearest cafe for a cup of coffee and what turned out to be some of the most simulating conversation either had, had in awhile. Ronnie really enjoyed watching Jessica and the way she interacted with him. Her long pretty hair the innocence in her eyes made him really want to know her better…

Something new and Hot

I have decided to write something different I normally write about love, depression, drugs and things of that nature. But I think my people may be getting bored with the same ol stuff. So I’m going to try something different, for the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow. I will be writing a soap opera, people falling in love, people living their lives, deceit, anger and things of that nature. The characters will have their own story, their own personality. And hopefully you will be interested enough to follow each story that I provide every day.

The Purpose of my Book

I am working so hard to accomplish something great for my people that suffer from living in the past, or drug addictions, domestic violence and even mental disorders. I myself have suffered from all thee above and believe me when I say they are all battles that I still fight hard to keep away from my life. But not so much where I become blind to the fact of, or blind to the fact that a lot of people are suffering threw these terrible situations. My book is addressing these issues and every time my book is read or purchased or givin to someone it’s a help to others. Please think about that…I’m not the most experienced writer but I am experienced in life and bringing light to others that are in need. Take order or download the book from
Black to Light Poetry
By yours truly