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The Deeper Side of Me

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Sitting here Chilling at 5:35a.m. getting my head right.. Focusing on my poetry more.  I luv writing short erotica stories.But my greatest passion is my poetry…nah it don’t rhythm and I start at Z and end at A.  I’m all over the place… But at the end of the day I give you my heart and soul. My secrets,  my greatest loves and my biggest failures. My most humbling experiences and my daily battles with my addictions, my lover or lack there of. Ether way I’m always going to bring you the realest shit that resides inside of Kato.


I’m Surgical with this

Sometimes I read my old material and I’m like wow that’s really amazing Kato…I’ve always wrote, I entered my first writing contest when I was 9 or 10 years old. I remember I didn’t win but I did when a complimentary invisible pen. Writing is a part of me, I believe I was born with it. I write a lot of things on the internet for free no money at all. And I think to myself, maybe I should get paid for these particular works.But the words are forever building up inside of me… I can flow constantly and never run out of ways to construct thoughts into words of knowledge, beauty and power..I am a Poetress

Black to Light Poetry

Curl up with you’re fav blanket..
A nice chilled glass of wine..
And my Black to Light Poetry book…
Sounds relaxing don’t it..IT IS!!!
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Don’t Ever Give Up

Down and out whatever you do, do not give up. There’s always a better day ahead just continue to look forward and always remain positive about your outcome. As long as you believe in yourself, you can never go wrong. Even though things may happen, things may go wrong just persevere and continue on. I believe in myself more than I ever have before and I notice things are changing for the better. Because instead of always thinking negative I’ve been using my negatives to create positive and not let it get me down. I’m a better person because of a lot of things I’ve been through so I just look up and I continue to maintain a positive attitude

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Black to Light Poetry by Karolyn Huddleston

Do you like Poetry

Writing books to encourage others to luv
Sexual abuse, drug abuse, domestic
abuse and mental abuse. I’ve suffered
from them all and I understand the
feeling of filth, unworthiness, loneliness
and corruption.
My life crumbled around me because I
didn’t know how to luv myself. I hated
me cause I felt like I deserved wat each
abuser did to me (sexual and domestic) I
took full responsibility for their actions
upon me.
I want to carry the message to all
victims…that its not your fault…what
they did to us, had nothing to do with us.
It was them and their demons. I want to
help others feel better even if just a little
bit…GOD LUVS U AND I DO TO be sure to
read my book..
Black to Light Poetry

Loving you Poetically

My great love is forever. Time has no meaning, I am engulfed in his memories and engaged in her deepest moments. Take me out of my comfort zone and I will still exceed. As I return to my comfort zone with knowledge and stories to share with the ones I love the most. Recovery is not required, because you are a beautiful addiction. You’ve consumed me with, love, happiness and everything good. To think this started as a mere friendship, without expectation of further needs being met.