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Loving you Poetically

My great love is forever. Time has no meaning, I am engulfed in his memories and engaged in her deepest moments. Take me out of my comfort zone and I will still exceed. As I return to my comfort zone with knowledge and stories to share with the ones I love the most. Recovery is not required, because you are a beautiful addiction. You’ve consumed me with, love, happiness and everything good. To think this started as a mere friendship, without expectation of further needs being met.



Will I ever be truly happy

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I don’t know Wat I’m doing wrong…life sometimes seem like the same ole song…yet I continue to get strong…live long…and hold on to the fragments of my sanity…yeah I’m all alone it’s just me…tryin to see…Wat could it possibly be…that leads me to the quality of productivity…and allows me to survive with some of the most dangerous activity..that I’ve allowed to be apart of my life..causing mad struggle and strife…hopefully soon I’ll be someone’s wife…living as one and having mad fun …with the one….that holds me up to the sun…and will be there wenever trouble come…never disappearing from we….even wen I’m to blind to see…that there is no other better then me..I’m meaning that to the fullest degree…of my very own reality…KATO LIFE


The light shines

I was invited  to spiritual poems…
at this very crucial time in my life when I feel so desperate and all alone…
looking out into the world beyond me..
as far as my human eye can see
yes I know it’s true God loves me…
he delivered me from my wild drug spree..
opened my mind and fed me…
gently stroking my hair as I cried at night…
ready to end it all and excited to take flight…
he fought to keep me here with all his might.. gradually helping me to see the light… gave me wisdom and allowed me to soar like a kite…

I’m lost

Reaching out to the spirituality that I so desperately need… Lost in this life that bore me from a seed… Wondering why everything runs from me that I need… sometimes I’m so very unhappy…yes indeed… Will positivity every supersede… I look to the sky for My happiness and peace.. Praying daily that this pain will cease.. So strong it conquers me like a beast… No power to fight it…I’m the least… So I look to stop the devils feast… He said he loved me and that he’d always be there.. I hope he gives me strength cause with my kids I will share…

Pain lead me

Sometimes I’m unsure where my problems stem from…

Is it me? Do I push to much…or maybe not enough.

How do I know on this earth where I stand..and who truly stands with me.

My defense level is threw the roof…and of course that doesn’t help.

But I’m afraid of what lies I try to beat it before it kills me..
Am I so wrong for that?

God do u hear me now? Do u see me suffering? Is there something I am not doing or realizing?

I need ur help father for I am weak and I’m not to sure how much more I have in me..